Cloud – Onsite – Hybrid

“The CIT Cloud allows us to easily work from anywhere!”


Consulting IT can devise a Cloud-based system for you so that you can optimise your work efficiencies, reduce your costs and keep you up to date with the latest developments in this expanding field.

Equip your team with the ability to work anywhere in real time and collaborate more easily and effectively.

Scale with your needs, without needing to worry anymore about server or hardware capital expenditure items and other associated elements such as physical space requirements, and other server maintenance costs (air-conditioning, power etc).

Our state of the art private cloud servers are housed in temperature controlled and well maintained state of the art facilities in Brisbane and Sydney.


The option for managing both offsite and onsite servers in a Hybrid environment may give you more choice between which services you want in the Cloud and those you want to keep local.


When an onsite server is beneficial to your operations, we can design and supply a solution that maintains your legacy systems and maximises your return on this investment.

We’ll guide you through the optimal choices for setup and implementation.


“The CIT Cloud allows us to easily work from anywhere!”
Alex Kemp, Director – H Partner Group