Desktop & Server

Proactive support ensuring you are open for business… Every Day

In today’s competitive business world, it’s clear that your PC, email and documents are critical and the integrity and reliability of your IT systems is of paramount importance. And more than ever, a reliable, well maintained computer network and servers are critical to your team’s day to day productivity.

While you focus on your operations and growth potential, you can depend on effective real time monitoring support for your IT systems.

With My IT Concierge Desktop and Server Support, you can count on being always up and running with our real‑time monitoring systems and advanced know‑how.

The best approach is one that is proactive– so we have fine-tuned a system of monitoring and problem-solving that keeps your computer networks running smoothly, delivering confidence to your team.


Remote, automated alerting keeps track of your server and network 24/7 so we can detect any issues with efficiency or performance, and promptly attend to these.


We protect you against the risk of malware and any threats to your systems, running up to date class leading security software that operates in real time.  We also scan frequently to maximise your defences against any threats penetrating your network.

Troubleshooting and solutions

Hardware and software which may develop issues or fail is immediately addressed – our tech team will diagnose, repair or replace these as necessary.

All the while, we will do everything to keep your operations running at full potential and save you from costly downtime.

And we can do this remotely to minimise disruption!