At Consulting IT we manage client’s entire IT infrastructure, providing helpdesk support through to complete disaster recovery. We provide support and infrastructure management for clients up to 250 staff, in a number of industries in which our strengths are detailed below.


1.Mining & Energy Services

 We have worked with a number of companies in the mining sector to manage their IT needs which has resulted in reduced operational costs and enhanced productivity. We are currently involved in a number of R&D projects to help further improve our mining clients’ productivity and data capturing capabilities.


We recently experienced a major hardware failure in the early hours of the morning. Consulting IT successfully activated our disaster recovery solution, preventing downtime and lost productivity. Without this system and support in place, our experience would have been very different.

Scott Henderson, CEO – QEnergy Pty Ltd


2.Not for Profits

  We work with a number of Not for Profit and Charity organisations to  maintain their IT infrastructure. We find supporting these organisations (even if it is in a small way)  to continue their good work and support of the local community, rewarding.


YFS provides many services for federal, state and local government agencies, so it is vital we meet their stringent audit and security requirements. Consulting IT has been instrumental in not only helping us meet and pass these requirements, but we are implementing changes to allow YFS meet even higher-level government accreditation. This accreditation is helping us apply for, and win, more government tenders.

Warren McGaw, Desktop Support Officer – YFS Ltd

3.Manufacturing & Engineering

The Engineering sector has faced a tough economic landscape however we have worked with a number of companies to improve their productivity and efficiency through a well maintained IT infrastructure.


Consulting IT designed an effective solution for us, taking into account the challenges and limitations of working in remote rural locations. We now have a secure, modern system that gives us the capabilities we need, even with the poor local infrastructure.

Dorothy Green, Finance – Ozcon Engineering Pty Ltd

4.Professional Services

Legal and financial firms regardless of size need IT solutions that are always up and running and must be secure. We have worked with a number of companies to maintain a highly reliable and secure IT infrastructure so the professional services firm can focus on what matters to their customers.


Being a busy multi-sited professional practice requires our systems to be up to date, secure and reliable. The Consulting IT Cloud solution ensures my staff can work from anywhere in the world. Knowing my IT can scale up with my business means I can focus on growth without worry.

Alex Kemp, Director – H Partners Group