At Consulting IT we manage client’s entire IT infrastructure, providing helpdesk support through to complete disaster recovery. We provide support and infrastructure management for clients up to 250 staff, in a number of industries in which our strengths are detailed below.


1.Mining & Energy Services

 We have worked with a number of companies in the mining sector to manage their IT needs which has resulted in reduced operational costs and enhanced productivity. We are currently involved in a number of R&D projects to help further improve our mining clients’ productivity and data capturing capabilities.

2.Not for Profits

  We work with a number of Not for Profit and Charity organisations to  maintain their IT infrastructure. We find supporting these organisations (even if it is in a small way)  to continue their good work and support of the local community, rewarding.

3.Manufacturing & Engineering

The Engineering sector has faced a tough economic landscape however we have worked with a number of companies to improve their productivity and efficiency through a well maintained IT infrastructure.

4.Professional Services

Legal and financial firms regardless of size need IT solutions that are always up and running and must be secure. We have worked with a number of companies to maintain a highly reliable and secure IT infrastructure so the professional services firm can focus on what matters to their customers.