Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery (DR)

“This solution saved us from downtime during a major hardware failure”

Professional data preservation and recovery solutions – ensuring your full functionality

More than ever, with cyber threats and attacks becoming a daily reality, most businesses require reliable managed backup services and disaster recovery solutions to protect their critical data and to minimise any downtime

Managed Backup

With data incrementally backed up and easily accessible, we’ve got you covered for anything from a small overwrite to a massive deletion. Our system will dispel any fears of malware or data corruption – when your files are stored on our servers, they will remain in pristine order and available as required.

With our well-established processes for accessing a backup, we ensure that any data requirement will be a frictionless experience for your team.

Our backup options include:

  • Backup as a Service contractually administered by means of service level agreement
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • State of the art, well maintained Data Centre
  • Ongoing Service Reviews


Disaster Recovery

Offsite backups won’t fully protect you in a crisis. Our managed disaster recovery and business continuity service will.

When a disaster strikes, having a copy of your data stored in the Cloud is useful, but if you don’t have a realistic and reliable way to recover it and get your staff working again, you’re not truly protected.

Large-scale adverse events are by nature unforeseen. From Human error to fire to flood and everything in between, the risks to your data may be real – but they are also fully manageable.

With data stored on our servers, we ensure there is no loss to you when the unpredictable happens. And with the right Disaster Recovery plan in place, we’ll help you avoid the damaging impact on your cash flow caused by operational downtime,  and enjoy a significantly less costly repair/re-installation experience.


We recently experienced a major hardware failure in the early hours of the morning. Consulting IT successfully activated our disaster recovery solution, preventing downtime and lost productivity. Without this system and support in place, our experience would have been very different.

Scott Henderson, CEO – QEnergy Pty Ltd