Our People


Anthony profile  Anthony Fensom – Chief

Anthony has been the owner and operator of Consulting IT for 20 years and as the Chief, oversees all aspects of the company. Anthony’s main focus is marketing, sales and customer satisfaction.
Anthony like most IT people, likes to have the newest technology to “play with” whether it’s the latest phone, tablet or laptop. His naturally inquisitive mind means he is determined to understand how any all technology works.
In his spare time Anthony enjoys spending time with his family and friends, going camping, collecting vinyls and listening to country music.

Favourite TV Shows or Movie :   Game of Thrones, Back to the Future Trilogy and anything Mel Brooks
Favourite quote TV or move :   “Yes of course! You may absolutely bring ze brewskies” Casanova Frankenstein. Mystery Man (1999)

Maria Cescon – Business Manager

Maria is responsible for the overall day to day management of the company including HR, Finances and Social Media. Maria has been at Consulting IT for the past 3 years and her experience prior to joining Consulting IT was in the Legal Industry as a Bookkeeper / Office Manager and often has been the “quasi IT person”.

Maria enjoys the challenge of working in an industry that is rapidly changing and is excited about where technology is taking us.

In her spare time, Maria enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading and going to concerts and movies.

Favourite Quote TV or Movie: “You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight”, The Joker – Batman, (1989).

Alan Sichter – Software Concierge

Alan has worked for Consulting IT for over 10 years and during that time, he has performed various roles within the company working as a Programmer, Systems Administrator and Web Designer.

Alan has always had a passion for computers and started experimenting on Commodore computers in the early 80’s, which swiftly became a hobby of building his own computers. Alan has made his hobby a career and has been working in IT for more than 17 years.

In his spare time, Alan is an avid gamer and enjoys 4WD’ing, camping and fishing.

Favourite Quote TV or Movie: “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads” Dr Emmett “Doc” Brown – Back to the Future, (1985).

Alex Gardner – Senior Concierge

Alex has been with Consulting IT for 6 years and is the Senior Concierge and Technical Team Manager. He specialises in backup maintenance, solving complex issues and systems installation including the research, development and testing of new solutions. Alex spent 3 years managing the IT infrastructure for a large manufacturing company prior to joining Consulting IT.

Alex enjoys working at Consulting IT because it enables him to work in a business that’s growing while still maintaining a good team culture.

Alex has a lifetime of experience in computers, he has been around them his whole life. Having been pulling them apart and building them since an early age.

Favourite TV Shows or Movies: Stargate

Kami McLeod – Senior Concierge

Kami has been with Consulting IT for 3 years, as a Level 3 Systems Administrator. Kami moved to Consulting IT from Canberra where she worked in IT for a number of years both in and out of Government positions.

Kami provides support to the technical team and focuses on resolving complex issues and project management.

Kami enjoys problem solving and will often keep looking for a solution long after others have quit.

In her spare time, Kami enjoys reading and playing games (both PC and board).

Favourite TV Shows or Movie: Pitch Black