Our Services

1.Helpdesk Support

We have a dedicated team of technicians who can provide you with Helpdesk Support. Simply lodge a ticket in our system and a technician will provide you with the necessary assistance to resolve your issue. We also have an escalation process to ensure that complex problems can be resolved as and when required. Our helpdesk team alleviates the stress and need for a “quasi” IT person in your office

1.Desktop & Server Support

Consulting IT can provide desktop and server support to suit your business needs. If your business has an internal IT department for desktop support, we can provide you with server support alone. We are happy to work with your in-house team to provide you with the best service possible.

1.Cloud & Hybrid Services

Consulting IT can provide you with a complete Cloud environment to run your business. What this means is that you no longer need to maintain expensive servers in your office. This benefit is both cost and space saving. However, the Cloud is not for all businesses, some businesses still require a physical Server onsite to perform certain functions (usually for application servers) but that’s not a problem, you can still move part of your business to the Cloud and have part on hardware in your office, this is called a Hybrid solution. The continual advances in technology ensures that a Hybrid solution is still a cost effective solution and your business can still benefit of having some services in the Cloud.

1.System Design & Implementation

We can manage your entire network infrastructure both software and hardware. We also can design your network to best suit your business needs, whether you are starting up or have been in business for a number of years, technology is rapidly changing and your network design can change with it.

1.Managed Backup  Recovery

Backups and a recovery plan and/or a full disaster recovery plan, are imperative to the success of a business. If a business is CryptoLocked or attacked by an aggressive virus, then a regularly tested and verified backup can mean the difference between keeping the doors open or closing your business. A business with properly maintained backups can be up and running after an attack within hours. A business with a full disaster recovery plan, could be back up and running within an hour of experiencing an attack.  “The worst time to test your backup is when you need it!”

1.Systems Audit

Conducting a Security & Safety Audit of your business’ IT systems, is generally considered best practice. These audits in general, are designed to identify any areas of concern in your IT setup. The security of your data is paramount, as is the need to know where improvements can be made in your network. The security and safety audit is tailored to your individual needs, however covers not just security and safety but includes details of your software licensing, hardware and software patching statuses to name but a few. Many company boards require a security and safety audit to satisfy stakeholders but any business can and should undertake a regular IT audit. We will give you a letter to provide to your current IT service provider explaining the audit and that it is not an attempt to poach their client but a best business practice process. Most businesses will receive a congratulations, “your business is in good hands” report but as a business owner, wouldn’t you like to know whether that is or isn’t the case!

1.Business Support

Being a business owner can sometimes feel like a lonely job. Consulting IT can provide you with the necessary business and infrastructure support to ensure that your IT can grow as your business does. We also have a distinct engagement method, providing SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) tailored to clients’ individual needs. Customers can choose the standard of service that best suits their requirements.

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