By carrying out a System Audit you will gain great insights into the current health of your IT system.


We give you an eagle’s view of your IT systems, by providing you with individualised and accurate and actionable information.

How well does your IT setup really serve your current needs? How up to date is your software licensing? How cost efficient is your IT?

We know that the answers to these questions, and more, have significant impact on your organisation and core operations.

So, whether you have already experienced a security threat or enduring performance issues, or if you need an up-to-date overview as you intend to plan for growth or change, our system audit report will give you a complete view of your IT systems.

Your system audit is important because it gives you assurance that your IT system is adequately protected, provides reliable information to users, and is properly managed to achieve its intended benefits. It also reduces the risks of data tampering, data loss or leakage, service disruption and poor management of IT systems.

Our System Audit report includes:

  • Software licensing review
  • Details of potential vulnerabilities
  • Penetration Testing
  • Hardware review
  • Backup protocol testing
  • Recommendations.

Delivered in an easy to digest format for further sharing with others within your organisation, our audit is an essential tool for current operations and forward planning.