Everyday IT helpdesk issues dragging you and your team’s efficiency down?

Looking for a more cash flow friendly pay for your business?

There is a better way!

Let us relieve you from the drudgery of daily IT chores taking your eyes off your game, so that you and your team can focus on what you do best.

Simply, plug in the My IT Concierge helpdesk, our responsive Australian based IT help desk solution that has been carefully developed to keep you and your team empowered, connected and achieving.

With My IT Concierge, your staff are in safe hands, thanks to a carefully fine-tuned team of qualified and expert concierge technicians, with an impressive collection of pooled IT solutions excellence, whether they are in office, at home or on the road.

Delivered as a monthly fixed price, My IT Concierge effectively allows you to smooth out your IT Support costs moving forward.

Our clients have found that it saves them both in terms of time and cost, particularly when compared to their previous in-house IT options!

Enhanced Control

Your team will also appreciate the industry‑leading ticketing system that comes part and parcel with My IT Concierge.

Full visibility of queries and resolutions is available to your team on a simple to use portal, but they will also be empowered in signing off on completed tasks. There is also a useful feedback loop on hand which allows you to inform us as to how we’re tracking for you, we strive to maintain and improve upon our high standards.

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With My IT Concierge, users have a number of options to contact us, be it by email, webportal, desktop app, phone, phone app or even instant chat.

Switching to My It Concierge is simple. Very often, we can remotely access and attend to many issues without even needing to visit your site.