The IT Concierge


We manage your IT Infrastructure so that you can grow your business.

Concierge : one who is a custodian charged with taking care of something, organizing resources and being a source of information.

With over 15 years in the IT industry we at Consulting IT take great pride in being known as the IT Concierge€. There are 4 aspects (like the 4 tiles in our logo) that form the core of Consulting IT.


One of the biggest problems businesses have with their IT providers is around communication – “€œgeek speak, don’€™t understand what they are doing, poor explanations etc”€.  We know that it is imperative that we clearly communicate exactly what is needed, what we are doing and what our ideas are so that you know exactly what is going on.  There is no geek speak with your IT Concierge.


A key aspect of assisting you to grow your business is to be constantly providing insight into your future IT infrastructure needs. IT can simplify business process, improve efficiencies and result in great profit therefore, we need to be at the forefront of providing you with insight.


So that you can focus on the business growth the IT needs to be completely integrated with the overall business objectives. The IT must support the future of the business. The IT does not drive the business, the businesses, objectives drive the IT infrastructure needs of the business.


Importantly at Consulting IT we must deliver technical excellence. It is not enough to have the good ideas, it is critical that we ensuring that your systems are monitored, maintained and improved as required to ensure the smooth operation of your business. It is imperative that there is no downtime in your business due to IT.