Our Story

Consulting IT started out as a part time business selling and installing computers for friends and family.

In 1997, the business started trading as Pace Computers. A short-lived name after being notified that a larger computer company already took the name.

It was then that AntBern Computers was realized. The business, operating with four staff, sold computers into both small businesses and homes with most of the customers coming through the Yellow Pages.

In 2002, the big retail chains such as Harvey Norman started selling hardware to the masses at prices AntBern Computing couldn’t match. This all but eliminated the home market.

This meant that AntBern had to redefine it’s product offering and started selling customized computer systems to small business. These solutions were specifically built for the needs of the client.

In 2006/07 AntBern Computers became AB Consulting IT. The new name came with another redefinition of the business. AB Consulting was no longer about selling computers; it was now about selling complete IT solutions for small to medium businesses.

In 2012 we became Consulting IT. It is now a ‘One Stop Shop’ for our customers offering complete support, hardware and software solutions.

Consulting IT have three different levels of support

  • Casual (a pay as you go service)
  • Standard
  • IT Concierge (premium support product)

IT Concierge is Consulting IT’s premium support package – the ‘platinum’ branded product.