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IT infrastructure that is only fixed when it breaks down can end up costing a business a lot of money – directly and indirectly. The costs incurred would include the direct cost paid to repair or replace the infrastructure but the hidden and often far larger cost is that of lost productivity. When the system is down your business is grinding to a halt. Worst of all is if a backup has failed. Lost data can be a dramatic cost to the business. All of these costs come together to mean that a break fix model of IT infrastructure is on the left hand side of this graph  – high total cost of ownership and the least productive.

Through Consulting IT’s Concierge Services our aim is to lower the total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure.  This total cost includes not just the original purchase but also the maintenance cost and productivity cost. With a well maintained system that is being reviewed, updated and problems fixed prior to causing complete breakdown, your total cost of ownership will dramatically reduce. Coupled with this is the fact that with significantly reduced downtime the productivity of your team will dramatically increase.

So the key benefits are to proactively manage you IT infrastructure so that you can grow your business.