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Cyber Attack Alert

A renewed warning to be aware of Viruses & Cryptolocker RansomWare, Scam emails and hackers. There has been a world wide cyber attack with over 200,000 affected cases already confirmed.

Be alert, this new attack is very sophisticated and it is the first of its kind to be seen. This virus can spread through an entire network rapidly and is not necessarily received via email.

If you receive a virus or are even concerned you may have a virus, do the following:

  • Turn off the computer straight away
  • Call Consulting IT
  • Notify all staff to be alert

If you receive a virus on more than 1 computer:

  • Shut down every computer you have
  • Call Consulting IT

Possible warning signs may be:

  • Unable to access files
  • Strange error messages
  • PC background changes

There is already 1 confirmed case in Australia and another 2 potential cases yet to be confirmed. The nature of this virus is such that it could spread rapidly.

Security & Safety Audit

IT Security & Safety Checklist

□            Do you have a backup of your data?
□            Do you have a plan if your server breaks today?
□            Would you be up and running within 4 hours if your server broke down?
□            Have you ever audited your business’s IT?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, your Data is at risk. Consulting IT is here to help you ensure your Data is safe and secure.

“The worst time to test your backup is when you need it!”

Our Services
  • Desktop and Server Support
  • Helpdesk
  • Cloud & Hybrid Services
  • Network Management and Design
  • Backup Disaster and Recovery
  • Security and Safety Audits
  • Business Support
Why Consulting IT

We are a Logan based business with 15+ years’ experience. We provide IT support for medium sized businesses of up to 250 staff.

Our approach is focused on proactively maintaining our clients’ IT systems.

We work with clients in the mining & energy, manufacturing & engineering industries, not for profit sector and professional services.

We provide you with solutions tailored to your business needs.


It’s not if you get hacked, it’s when!

“9% of breaches are ever found – out of that 1/9 with monitoring and 8/9 by pure luck”. 1 This was a statement tweeted by Sami Laiho on October 17, 2016. Sami is a Microsoft MVP and a leading expert on Windows Security. This is a compelling statement, one which infers that if you haven’t […]

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Cryptolocker Virus Warning to 365 Users

365 Users are the latest targets of ransomware viruses such as Cryptolocker and it’s various mutations. You may even see the term “Cerber Attack” used in the media to describe these ransomware infections. This latest threat was received by 365 users as spam or phishing emails and the file attached contained the virus. When the […]

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Apple issue safety recall on Adapters

Apple have issued a safety notice to all customers who may have an affected adapter. If you have a wall plug adapter with 4 or 5 characters (or no characters) running up and down on the part of  plug that attaches to the adapter, then it is part of the recall. Check all of your […]

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California hospitals $3.6 million Ransom by CryptoLocker Virus

Recent reports indicate that a Medical Centre in California is being held to ransom for $3.6 million dollars by Hackers who’ve released a CryptoLocker / Ransomware Virus on their network. Read more Don’t be fooled and think that this “could only happen in America”. This is a very real possibility for all businesses in Australia […]

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CryptoLocker / Ransomware Viruses – Secure your Data!

We have yet another client affected by a variant of the CryptoLocker and Ransomware viruses. This client has 100 employees across multiple locations. They were severely impacted and could have suffered major data losses. CryptoLocker viruses lock your files and programs. The virus stops you from accessing your files and then demands you pay a […]

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Windows 10 has arrived!

Microsoft have released Windows 10 and are calling it their best version of Windows. Windows 10 includes a start menu that many users missed in previous versions, is easier to use and includes greater security then previous versions. Consulting IT have been using Windows 10 for a few months now and our team can answer […]

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CryptoLocker Viruses

CryptoLocker Viruses are once again attacking computers and servers. We have had 2 clients recently who were severely impacted by CryptoLocker viruses, causing major data losses. We worked for several hours (days actually) to recover their data for them through our diligent backup maintenance, however, they did lose their valuable time because of these viruses. These last 2 viruses were received as […]

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G20 Is almost here, are you ready?

We have identified a number of  our clients who will be affected by the G20 Summit, whether by road closures or simply because they are within (or located near) the security areas. Some questions we have asked our clients and you may wish to consider… Are you planning on working on the Brisbane Holiday day […]

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