Why work with us?2018-07-01T12:57:57+10:00

We are Flexible: Consider us as that small but powerful tugboat guiding a large ship to safety!

Being agile, we are not rigid in our approach.

Rather than providing you with a one size fits all solution, we work to provide a solution that keeps within the parameters of your particular current situation.. We have 20 years of delivering customised solutions for a wide range of clients and industries, whatever your particular situation, it is likely that we’ve seen it before and can custom make an effective solution for you.

We also don’t take all our clients to the cloud for clouds sake.. Some businesses have very valid reasons to keep some or all of their systems on their premises.
So whether you have 20 or 200 computer users in the office, on the road or at home, we can design your perfect solution.

Why should I take these Cybersecurity threats seriously?2018-07-01T12:57:52+10:00

Cybersecurity threats are unfortunately very prevalent and most Australian companies have been adversely affected by this stage.  We could of course provide you with a long list of statistics to quantify the extent of the risk.

The key result of cybersecurity attacks, or even natural disasters (which often involve human error), is Downtime, and once you start working out the financial consequences and the reputation consequences of downtime, then it’s crystal clear why every effort needs to be made to prevent any downtime occurring to your business.

No business is invulnerable to IT disasters, but speedy recovery thanks to a well worked out IT disaster recovery plan can save your business.

Any Suggestions for drawing up our IT Budget?2018-07-01T12:57:47+10:00

At Consulting IT, we like to help our clients answer their common IT budgeting questions – here are some useful pointers:

Firstly, consider the benefits of IT to your particular business

  • Using tech (such as CRM’s) to reach more potential customers and develop a better business relationship with your consumer base.
  • Providing new innovative services to customers to derive a competitive advantage.
  • Using tech to improve internal communication and support better relationships with key partners
  • Streamlining operations, reducing costs, improving efficiency, maximizing profit,
  • Using tech to help your organisation to maintain and even surpass Customer expectations

Then look at the IT tools you need to achieve you priority items above.

More info:

  • In the US, CIO Magazine finds that businesses tend to spend between 4-6% of their revenue on IT, and this range is recommended by CIO Magazine.
  • However, company size also affects budget size with small and medium businesses tending to outspend larger enterprise sized organisations.
  • The average small company (less than $50 million revenue turnover) spends 6.9% of their revenue on IT.
What’s your approach to cloud migrations?2018-07-01T12:57:37+10:00

There’s no doubt that, if properly implemented, moving to the Cloud can be a game changer for many organisations in todays connected world, by leading to greater agility, reduced IT costs, and leveraging a better competitive position.

At Consulting IT, we like to firstly sit with you and get a really solid understanding of your current IT setup and your business goals, and then work out whether a roadmap to migrating to a hosted Private Cloud (IaaS) setup is best for your organisation.

In many cases, it may well be a mix of the two – a Hybrid approach – that will work best given your particular set of circumstances.  In other cases, you may have legacy software that is so vital to your business that maintaining servers close at hand on premises might remain the best option.  Or you may have just made a big purchase of a useful server, and co-locating this to one of our dedicated state of the arts hosted Private Cloud datacentres might be preferential. Every company’s situation is different so we won’t box you in like others from the outset.

Managed IT Services – How easy is it to switch?2018-07-01T12:57:31+10:00

Many businesses fear that changing their IT support provider will land them on stickier ground. For them, it’s “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”.  So, they’d rather put up and pay for substandard service from their IT support provider than take a risk with another.

However, a competent professional IT firm will be able to make a changeover as painless as is possible.  At Consulting IT, we will sit with you to learn your particular circumstances and set in motion our well-honed on-boarding plan to fit in with your schedule.

This is definitely a case where proper prior planning pays great dividends.

In-house vs Outsourcing IT2018-07-01T12:57:25+10:00

A well trained IT employee can command a hefty salary to manage your valuable IT system and offer in house tech support to your team these days.  There are also the extra ongoing costs such as certification and education so that they can be up to date technologically speaking. When you add in the fact that they only work 48 weeks a year, it becomes clear that your network may not be always protected particularly at holiday times. This is even more the case when you have a sole IT person on your team.

When you outsource IT to a quality Managed Service Provider, you place the responsibility for your network management on a 3rd party.  They will be part of a well-resourced team whose goal (like yours) is to ensure maximum up-time of your system and who will be there for you not only during regular working hours but at other times too. You will only be paying for the services provided, not for those extra certification and education costs.  Monitoring of your system will be over the full 24 hour period, day in day out.

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