Cyber Attack Alert

A renewed warning to be aware of Viruses & Cryptolocker RansomWare, Scam emails and hackers. There has been a world wide cyber attack with over 200,000 affected cases already confirmed.

Be alert, this new attack is very sophisticated and it is the first of its kind to be seen. This virus can spread through an entire network rapidly and is not necessarily received via email.

If you receive a virus or are even concerned you may have a virus, do the following:

  • Turn off the computer straight away
  • Call Consulting IT
  • Notify all staff to be alert

If you receive a virus on more than 1 computer:

  • Shut down every computer you have
  • Call Consulting IT

Possible warning signs may be:

  • Unable to access files
  • Strange error messages
  • PC background changes

There is already 1 confirmed case in Australia and another 2 potential cases yet to be confirmed. The nature of this virus is such that it could spread rapidly.

Windows 10 has arrived!

Microsoft have released Windows 10 and are calling it their best version of Windows.

Windows 10 includes a start menu that many users missed in previous versions, is easier to use and includes greater security then previous versions.

Consulting IT have been using Windows 10 for a few months now and our team can answer any queries you may have about using this latest Windows version.

Many users may even qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 10, please contact us to find out more.

Windows XP… An end of an Era

April 8, 2014, that’s the date on everyone’s minds and if it’s not and you are still using Windows XP computers and/or Office 2003, then it should be. That’s the date that Microsoft will cease to support Windows XP and Office 2003. Windows XP has been the operating system of choice for a number of years, however, it is coming to an end. For some time now, the end has been in sight (we’ve posted articles on our Facebook page over the past few months discussing this very topic)

What does this mean?

Well, it doesn’t mean that your computer is going to suddenly explode. You will however, have that feeling of being stranded on a deserted Island with only a soccer ball to keep you company and with no chance of being rescued.
As at April 8, 2014, Microsoft will release no further patches, fixes and security updates or provide any support for Windows XP. This operating system is nearly 12 years old. The technology is old and Microsoft have Windows 7 and 8 in the market that they will continue to support for a number of years.

Therefore, if you stay on Windows XP, you will be vulnerable to security threats such as viruses and malware etc. The experts are predicting that programmers are going to specifically target XP computers and release threats after the end of support date. There will be little to no way to stop these attacks.

Further, many third party suppliers such as MYOB and Leap Legal, to name but 2, will also no longer support users with XP computers, Windows Server 2003 and Office 2003. They will also, no longer issue program updates to help you run your programs on the old systems. Therefore, they will no longer guarantee the stability of your programs.

What options do I have?

You can (only if your system requirements permit) upgrade your software on your XP Computers to Windows 7 or 8.1 but if your system requirements are not up to specification, you will need to update your hardware.
In most cases, if you’re still running XP, your computers are at least 4 years old, they are likely to be running slow, you could be experiencing “lagging” and the system is “crashing” more often (not to mention, you’re probably also running out of space, if you haven’t already).

What can you do?

Talk to Consulting IT, you do have options that can suit your needs and we can help you determine which is the best course for you and your business.

However, now is the time to act whilst you still have time to plan and phase in your changes, as well as adjust your budgets accordingly.

Below are some other articles if you wish to read further on this topic. – MYOB community Blog – PC World –

Don’t let yourself be scammed

We’re sure that you’ve all heard about the Internet “Scams”? There have been a number of television and print media articles highlighting victims stories and warning people to not become a victim themselves.

There are a number of different approaches, most common of which is that the callers tell you that they are a representative of Microsoft and that there is a problem with your computer and therefore, they need to access your computer to fix the issue. What happens is that they either direct you to a location on your computer that appears to be showing errors (or tell you to run a command that will result in errors). The unsuspecting victim thinks that the issue is legitimate. The caller will either ask you for your credit card details to take payment for fixing the issue or, they will install key logging programs on your computer that will provide them with all of your online banking login and password details.

These people, like those behind the “Nigerian scams” are continually adjusting their tactics and stories in order to try and fool you. The new approach is to target people who’ve been previously scammed. They tell you that they want to give you a refund, which is just another attempt to gain access to your personal information.

DON”T EVER fall for it!!  Don’t let anyone on your computer, other than Consulting IT and certainly don’t give them your credit card details… These scams don’t just target the elderly, so don’t be fooled into thinking that it wouldn’t happen to you.

We urge you to read the latest article written by the “QPS”, just click on the following link  Queensland Police Service and also, please take the time to read the previous articles written by QPS in relation these scams.

If you think you’ve been a victim of a scam, contact QPS straight away.



IT’s a Good Day for Consulting IT

Welcome to Tuesday… we’ve had a big couple of weeks here at Consulting IT!

We’ve welcomed a new addition to the Consulting IT team, Kami McLeod. Kami has recently moved to Brisbane from Canberra and joins us as a Level 2 Systems Administrator. Kami has worked in IT for a number of years both in and out of Government positions and comes to us with glowing references. Kami has hit the ground running and she welcomes the opportunity to assist you all.

Kami has joined us due to Stuart’s recent departure. Stuart has left the Consulting IT family to pursue his other interests. Stuart has been a part of the Consulting IT team for a number of years and leaves behind some big shoes to fill but we’re sure Kami will rise to the challenge. We wish Stuart all the best with his new ventures.

We also congratulate and celebrate with Miranda who only last week, completed her Bachelor in IT.  Miranda has been with us for a couple of months now on a part-time basis whilst she’s been finishing her degree. We are happy to welcome Miranda as a permanent member of the Consulting IT team, as she commences her Full Time IT career.

Further celebrations are in order for Alex, our Senior Technician and Technical Manager, who celebrated his 3rd anniversary with us, this month. Alex is a valuable member of the Consulting IT team as all of our clients would attest to! Thank you Alex for your dedication and leadership.

We hope all’s well with our Consulting IT fans and extended family who are reading this blog as we head down the slippery slope towards the festive season.

It was on Wikipedia, it must be correct!

The Internet and Social Media has become the mouthpiece for just about everyone with a computer or smart phone, including those people who may have never had a voice. It’s (usually) completely up to you how big of a voice you have, you can sit quietly and “like”, “post”, “blog”, “comment” or whatever through Social Media or you can become an overnight “internet sensation” more popular than the last “big thing” because you can play the violin whilst standing on your head and your YouTube clip “goes viral”! Or, you can be a politician (who according to Wikipedia, is well educated and knowledgeable) who references Wikipedia in an interview and whether welcomed or not, has become the current internet sensation (search for his name, you receive 103,000,000 results).

Wikipedia, for those of you who are new to the Internet, is a free online Encyclopedia that contains information on just about everything you could ever want to know about. However, anyone can edit, contribute to or remove the data that’s contained on the site. So, whilst there is an endless supply of information available on the site and just about everyone with a smart phone or computer has visited it, it’s not considered acceptable reference material. Just ask any teacher, high school or university student.

You don’t just become an internet sensation, you also become today’s (and probably tomorrows), headlines as well as fodder for public scrutiny. However, everyone has the right to an opinion, whether educated, informed or otherwise and the great part about living in Australia, is that we have the right to voice those opinions. Similarly, it’s the “Australian thing to do” to challenge them.

Here are a couple of opinions that you may find interesting and entertaining! written by written by Tony Wright for The Sydney Morning Herald

Is it the end for the once irreplaceable desktop computer?

Few people will remember a time when they didn’t have a computer in their office, they used devices like typewriters, appointment books and the “good old fashioned” pen and paper to manage their businesses and having a computer was out of most businesses budgets. This was a time when phones were attached to the wall and only used when you physically needed to speak to someone.

The Technology and affordability of computers evolved rather quickly and since the mid 90’s every business and home office has had a computer. Our lives wouldn’t function without a computer and if it broke or crashed, you lost a whole days work. A desktop computer became irreplaceable. That was however, until laptops came along. Then people realised the convenience of having a laptop, it could be used anywhere and at any time. However, people still continued to use their desktops and often only used their laptop outside of the office or at home. The changeover to laptops as a solution to replace a desktop, was a very gradual process but one that again, changed our lives.

Fast forward to 2013 and it’s no longer whether we have a desktop or laptop in our office. We live in a society where we communicate with the person sitting next to us without even speaking to them, we “iMessage”, “e-mail”, “Facebook” anything but verbally communicate and we do so on our “smartphones” and “tablets”, completely side-stepping our desktop computer (if we still have one).

Many businesses and users still have the need for a physical desktop computer however more and more are using their tablets and smartphones to perform all of their business functions. A recent global study by an American research company, Forrester Research¹, found that 84% of people surveyed used a desktop computer at least once per week with 63% of people using laptops. However, 48% surveyed use their smartphones for work each week and 21% use their tablets at least once per week.

So the answer is yes… with the growing trend of using our mobile devices to conduct business, more and more people are replacing their desktop computers with their smart phones and tablets. We can work anywhere, anytime and often without having to go outside our front door.



Exciting News


There’s some exciting changes at Consulting IT that we thought you’d be interested in!

We’re happy to announce that during the course of winter, we’ve been expanding and we’ve welcomed 3 new employees. Maria has joined us as 2IC and has taken over much of the Management of the business operations. While our Concierge technical team has expanded with the additions of Daryl and Miranda, who are available to assist you with helpdesk inquiries. This is great news for you as we are better equipped to manage your systems.

As a result of our expansion, we’ve also outgrown our office! We now have 2 offices (in the same location). Our technical team is still located in our original ground floor office and our management team is now located in suite 15 (upstairs). The great news is that we now have a boardroom, which is available to clients if they require a location to hold meetings