Network Security

Protecting your organisation – by diligently guarding your network

 We’ll give you peace of mind, by providing a continuous defence against unpredictable threats

At Consulting IT we are aware that any malicious penetration of your network will significantly impact your productivity and your organisation as a whole.

As the range and level of risks to your network grow more complex, it is imperative to leverage solutions which are designed to meet these challenges.

Our team is passionate about your security and can work with you to build a robust solution that ensures that your business is protected from the full range of threats, whether it’s internet-based attacks such as viruses, malware and hackers to internal such as company employees and data loss.

To guard your network against malware and other threats, we utilise a combination of strategies, including:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Threat assessment
  • Recommended solutions

Our team possess a range of security certifications and are committed to staying up to date with developments in this space.

We can provide ongoing assessment and reporting as your own systems evolve, so that your network is optimally designed for operational performance and maximum safety.


YFS provides many services for federal, state and local government agencies, so it is vital we meet their stringent audit and security requirements. Consulting IT has been instrumental in not only helping us meet and pass these requirements, but we are implementing changes to allow YFS meet even higher-level government accreditation. This accreditation is helping us apply for, and win, more government tenders.

Warren McGaw, Desktop Support Officer – YFS Ltd