There’s no doubt that, if properly implemented, moving to the Cloud can be a game changer for many organisations in todays connected world, by leading to greater agility, reduced IT costs, and leveraging a better competitive position.

At Consulting IT, we like to firstly sit with you and get a really solid understanding of your current IT setup and your business goals, and then work out whether a roadmap to migrating to a hosted Private Cloud (IaaS) setup is best for your organisation.

In many cases, it may well be a mix of the two – a Hybrid approach – that will work best given your particular set of circumstances.  In other cases, you may have legacy software that is so vital to your business that maintaining servers close at hand on premises might remain the best option.  Or you may have just made a big purchase of a useful server, and co-locating this to one of our dedicated state of the arts hosted Private Cloud datacentres might be preferential. Every company’s situation is different so we won’t box you in like others from the outset.