Recent reports indicate that a Medical Centre in California is being held to ransom for $3.6 million dollars by Hackers who’ve released a CryptoLocker / Ransomware Virus on their network. Read more

Don’t be fooled and think that this “could only happen in America”. This is a very real possibility for all businesses in Australia (and around the world).

Business owners can no longer afford to ignore this issue, as businesses here in Australia are being attacked by the CryptoLocker / Ransomware Viruses and/or Hackers every day. We published an article to clients just last week about making sure that your backup data is stored in a different location to your actual data. Since then, we have had yet another client impacted by CryptoLocker and once again they were lucky to only lose a couple of hours of data and time, due to their backup systems and design.

We are once again reviewing our data security and that of our clients.

If you are concerned about your data security, contact us today.