Since 1996 Consulting IT have engaged in a number of large-scale projects and deployments across Professional Services/ Not for Profit/ Mining and Energy/ Engineering and Manufacturing sectors, our flexibility in all aspects of the IT business allows our clients ease of mind when dealing with a professional Managed Service Provider and our highly skilled staff.

The flexibility and agility of Consulting IT is evident when dealing with all of our clients, we undertake a number of roles with the adaptability required for any IT infrastructure. For example, we currently provide services as the:

  • Level 1, 2, 3 helpdesk support
  • Disaster Recovery and Back Up provider
  • Auditing and Compliance advisor
  • System designer
  • Strategic planning advisor
  • Network security designer (in accordance with your regulatory requirements)

With one particular Not for Profit organisation for example, we field staff calls as a Level 1 or 2 helpdesk support on a daily basis, when their National IT Manager is on leave/ overworked/ unavailable then Consulting IT step in as the sole IT point of contact.

Having completed a full audit of the organisations IT infrastructure when we onboarded this client many years ago and documenting the consistent growth and changes to their environment allows a seamless handover between our respective organisations.

Our partnership and our complete transparency in a working environment have awarded Consulting IT with complete trust whereby we have full insight to their IT environment and report on, and resolve, any issues that may arise.

We have just deployed a majority of their 150 strong staff to “work from home” with the Convid-19 pandemic without a hitch proving no job is too big or complex for our highly skilled staff.

Consulting IT can be your entry level IT partner for passwords and desktop support, or we can be your outsourced IT department providing you with Disaster and Back Up/ Networking/ Server/ Cloud solutions. In short, Consulting IT can provide ease of mind for your IT environment and to your entire business.

Our experience in crisis management, disaster recovery and time critical project work has proven to be the major point of difference as has our open and transparent communication.

To discuss successful partnerships and how engaging Consulting IT to maintain your IT infrastructure will:

  • Reduce your Staff downtime/ Expenditure/ Stress/ Exposure and Risk
  • Increase your Awareness/ Business Continuity Plans/ Backup and Disaster Recovery Systems/ Auditing and Compliance

Simply contact Corey Hill ([email protected]), National Sales and Marketing Manager.

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