Work from home staff often require an enterprise virtual private network (VPN) solution to connect employees to an organisation’s network. Many companies are now requiring their employees to work from home but there is a risk: Malicious cyber actors are increasing phishing emails targeting teleworkers to steal their usernames and passwords.

Never before have we seen this many workers conducting company business simultaneously from their homes. It’s truly an historic event that will require adaptations to our lives and normal routines. We may be managing our children who are off from school, living in a more packed or noisy home with interruptions, many will be feeling anxiety about the crisis or experiencing financial stress, those living alone may feel even more isolated. Companies are finding themselves moving their work forces almost overnight to virtual work environments along with the monumental security and IT challenges. 

If we work from home (without preparation and a focused level of security awareness and cyber security culture), the home workplace lends itself to many security weaknesses. Some of these are hardware and other are human factors adding to that the potential of numerous interruptions, a lack of focus/ attention, and the urgency to respond to multiple distractions. 

When we mix home and office without boundaries, we have to juggle business priorities and professional communication along with ongoing home activities. Disruption of routine … the bad guys couldn’t ask for a better target audience to ply their tradecraft on.

During this transition, employers will be relaying instructions to their workforce on how to work from home as this is new territory for many companies with no prior work for home policies will become social engineering targets.

Our experience in crisis management, disaster recovery and time critical project work has proven to be the major point of difference as has our open and transparent communication.

To discuss successful partnerships and how engaging Consulting IT to maintain your IT infrastructure will:

  • Reduce your Staff downtime/ Expenditure/ Stress/ Exposure and Risk
  • Increase your Awareness/ Business Continuity Plans/ Backup and Disaster Recovery Systems/ Auditing and Compliance

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