As a responsible organisation Consulting IT have helped to #flattenthecurve by sending staff home to ensure the health of our staff, our clients and of course the all-important business continuity of ourselves as a business in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) field.

With social distancing being the new norm, introverts are joking about how they’ve been preparing for this moment their entire lives. While working from home has many benefits, doing it over a prolonged period of time can have you forgetting how many days it’s been since you last showered, and holding conversations with Wilson, your basketball.

The three most important things associated with working from home:


To quote a famous US Navy Seal (ret) and author, “discipline equals freedom”. This statement is most true for those working from home because your whole routine stems from self-discipline. There’s no-one physically watching you enter the office or judging you on your appearance, so these are things you need to drive yourself. 

Just because your work is flexible and you can work at any time, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea to work any time. Rather set a routine, wake up at a set time, do your chores, have a workout, meditate or have a greasy breakfast – whatever it is – do it, then start work and get through the day. 

Remember to take breaks, set a timer to go off at 50 minutes past the hour to remind yourself to get up for 10 minutes and do something different that’s not work-related, like going for a walk. 

Just as important as it is to start work on time, remember to end work on time. Close your laptop, leave it far away and go enjoy your own life.


Within reason, it always pays dividends to get the best laptop, desktop, screen, keyboard, desk, chair, and internet. You’re going to spend a lot of time working, so make it the best experience that won’t take its toll on your body or eyesight. 

And the Most Important Thing

But above and beyond everything else, the most important thing is maintaining human interaction through all the tools available. After all, humans are social creatures, and without that social interaction we can suffer over time.

Our experience in crisis management, disaster recovery and time critical project work has proven to be the major point of difference as has our open and transparent communication.

To discuss successful partnerships and how engaging Consulting IT to maintain your IT infrastructure will:

  • Reduce your Staff downtime/ Expenditure/ Stress/ Exposure and Risk
  • Increase your Awareness/ Business Continuity Plans/ Backup and Disaster Recovery Systems/ Auditing and Compliance

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