As a responsible organisation Consulting IT have helped to #flattenthecurve by sending staff home to ensure the health of our staff, our clients and of course the all-important business continuity of ourselves as a business in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) field.

Consulting IT have been approached by a company in the professional services field who have left their “work from home” policy to the very last minute and as a direct result … they failed to test their flexibility, their back up or the disaster recovery process because their incumbent MSP didn’t have the foresight.

The whole “she’ll be right, we will get that looked at when we have the time” attitude has now cost the organisation valuable downtime and potential reputational costs after their “work from home” strategy failed terribly this week.

This organisation has approx. 120 staff Australia wide, COVID-19 decided to force changes on us all but the problem was … they were simply not prepared and now with their MSP has suggesting a rollout timeline of approx. 10-14 days to deploy … 2 weeks is a long time in today’s environment but thankfully this organisation is looking to engage Consulting IT whereby we can potentially rollout a solution within a couple days.

Our experience in crisis management, disaster recovery and time critical project work has proven to be the major point of difference as has our open and transparent communication.

To discuss successful partnerships and how engaging Consulting IT to maintain your IT infrastructure will:

  • Reduce your Staff downtime/ Expenditure/ Stress/ Exposure and Risk
  • Increase your Awareness/ Business Continuity Plans/ Backup and Disaster Recovery Systems/ Auditing and Compliance

Simply contact Corey Hill ([email protected]), National Sales and Marketing Manager.

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