Businesses, especially those in the Professional Services vertical are experiencing an increase worldwide in a relatively new style of Cybercriminal activity.

The hackers infiltrate your network, steal data and slowly drip feed that confidential/ sensitive information about the clients (banking transactions or balances/ health/ staff/ personal details) publicly as a ransom, they do this to prove they “have” your sensitive information in an effort to extort cryptocurrency…… if no ransom is paid they simply release more and more information….. again publicly

Other large health data breaches – including the largest incident in 2019 which a hack on American Medical Collection Agency, which affected more than two dozen of the firm’s clients and 20 million individuals prove that there are vulnerabilities not just with the client’s infrastructure but also with 3rd party vendors.

The FBI are advising that hackers are shifting their attention to third-party vendors like Accountancy/ Tax/ Health/ Law/ Personal Services providers, this avenue allows hackers to leverage the one-to-many relationships and gather data/ then extort many different companies.

Of course we all ask ourselves, or at least should be asking if our IT network and data is stored securely and away from prying eyes but ……. do you ask the same question of your Personal Services partners and your Managed Service Providers??

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